Mallorca Private Tour guides, wants to offer you some amazing pictures of the medieval market made in Palma last weekend, because of national day of the Balearic Islands (1st March).

This is a great winter offer in Majorca, to discover traditions, arts and crafts, folklore and music and so much to see in Palma de Mallorca.

tLet us guide you through the medieval market

Here you have some of this pictures:

Majorcan folklore-bagpipes

Mallorca private tour guides,Balearic islands national day,chirimia,majorcan bagpipe 

Here you have, one of the giants,normally exhibit into the Hall of the “CORT”-townhall in Palma de Mallorca, playing the “XIRIMIA” the typical majorcan bagpipe.

Mallorca private tour guides,mallorcan folklore,giant with flaviol

Mallorca Private tour guides,Palma de Mallorca

The other giant is playing the majorcan flaviol, a majorcan flute and the majorcan drums.

Mallorca Private tour guides-Mallorcan folklore

Mallorca Private Tour guides-Port of Palma-La Lonja

Here they are, the two giants, dancing in the streets of Palma, full with visitors, enyoing the party, close to the fish market (La Lonja) at the port of Palma.

It was a great Show.

Juggler in Palma de mallorca, Balearic Islands national Dayl

The juggler, one of the entertainers you can found into Palma Roads for this party.

The juggler, entertaining visitors with her funny tricks.

Medieval Market in Palma de mallorca, Mallorca private Tour guides

One of the stands on Palma´s medieval market, selling the delicious majorcan almonds, Mallorca Private Tour guides

Strolling through the medieval market in Palma, we discover hundreds of stands, selling typical products of the island as the delicious Mallorcan almonds.

mallorca private tour guides,mallorcan gastronomy, majorcan cheese

Mallorca private tour guides, majorcan gastronomy, majorcan cheese

Another stand where visitors can taste majorcan cheese.

Majorcan medieval market by Mallorca private tour guides, dry fruits, orejones

Mallorca Private Tour guides, Medieval market, selling some dry fruits such as the dry apricots “orejones”

You can find too, majorcan dry fruits, as the famous “orejones” dry majorcan apricots.

mallorca private tourguides, majorcan olives,medieval market in Palma

Mallorca private tour guides, The famous majorcan olives

Here there is a majorcan “payes” ( a majorcan countryman) with his typical straw hat, selling the famous majorcan black olives.

mallorca private tour guides, homemade marmalade

Palma´s medieval market,Mallorca Private tour guides, homemade marmalade

And ,why not try a delicious homemade jam? made with the sweetest oranges you will ever tested, the oranges  from Soller, majorcan orange valley.

Vendors dressed in typical medieval costumes.

Mallorca Private tour guides, majorcan gastronomy, Balearic Islands National day

Mallorca Private Tour guides, Majorcan gastronomy, Balearic Islands national day

It´s time for lunch, and of course there is a place for the delicious majorcan gastronomy, recipes as typical “lechona”( majorcan roast suckling pig) are served into the different stands.

mallorca private tour guides, majorcan arts and crafts

Mallorca privat Tour Guides, Palma Medieval Market, Ximbombes an pottery

And of course, a place reserved for crafts,  “ximbombes” majorcan  musical instrument (traditional for singing Christmas carols) and pottery.

It was a great opportunity to walk in Palma and enjoy the national day of the Balearic Islands.

Let us guide you through the medieval market made in Palma de mallorca because of the national day of the Balearic Islands, and discover with our professional licensed tourguides the old town, traditions, folklore, music and enjoy our gastronomy.

Come and join us, discover how amazing is Palma in winter time, an unforgettable experience.

We recomend you not to miss it…Let us guide you in Palma medieval market

Hope you enjoy our pictures

Mallorca Private Tour Guides Team




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