Tomorrow, Saturday 11th January, the  national lottery visits Mallorca, Palma will  held in the special national lottery  winter raffle.

Ten series with 100000 lottery tickets each, had  been issued, and each lottery ticket is illustrated with the work of the famous painter Joan Miró, as you all know Miro is closely linked with Mallorca.

The price of each lottery ticket is 15 euros. And the amount of the prizes will be 73.5 million euros and will be with a special prize of 15 million to one ticket.

We remind you that in September last year, one of the  national lottery tickets was illustrated with the Father Junípero Serra (300 anniversary of his birth), the most international Mallorcan, the founder of California missions.

The raffel will be held at 13.00 at the Conservatory of Music of the Balearic Islands ,and besides the  famous San Ildefonso children (calling the lottery numbers with its particular song ,will be too some children from the Balearic dance school dressed with traditional mallorcan costumes. The capacity  of the room, where the raffel will be made is 400 people.

Balearics Islands, are one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe, but in addition to this,it offers idyllic places, fabulous beaches and gorgeous weather, also has a history, traditions, crafts and culture to discover.

Mallorca Private Tour Guides encourage all of you to discover with our licensed tour guides, Miro and his majorcan connection.

A visit into Miro exhibition, Fundacion Pilar and Joan Miro is an incredible experience to understand this genius who lived amoung us and carried Mallorca always in his heart. Let us to be your Tour guide….

And why not?, discover in hands of our profesional tour guides, the origin of  Spanish national lottery, or anecdotes as when in 1886 the Christmas lottery first prize was won in Palma, being winners many members of the circulo Mallorquín, which was the social club for the majorcan bourgeoisie, the winning number was 6695 and the prize was 5 million, at those days,a fortune ,that was transported by 14 carts containing drawers full of silver coins, an even for Palma citizens, watching the carts transporting the money driving up Conquistador road in Palma.

Surely many of you never heard this anedocta, thats why, Mallorca Private tour guides wants to encourage you to take a cultural  with one of our tour guides, and discover these and many more curiosities that our island hosts.

And another important thing to remember; as we say in Spain, “The good gambler is the one who does not play: Because it’s the only way not to lose your money”.

And for the ones gambling and losing, to be comforted : “Lucky  gambler,unlucky in love.”

Let yourself to be guided  by a licensed tour guide with Mallorca  Private Tour Guides.

Mallorca Private Tour guides Team.


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